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Gobley light-duty Piston Disc harrows (V Type-Roller)

Çekiçkesen Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Co.Ltd. that we have done as a production of "Heavy-Duty Piston Disc harrows Gobley," the process of stubble and cuts to break, cut the weeds before planting in the field of plant residues and break up the soil mix used for the purpose. Thanks to the hydraulic piston and the wheels on the machine, the machine can be easily made the process of moving from place to place. Hydraulic piston and the wheels turning at the end of the field to provide a great convenience, the front and rear camber angles of the units can be done easily. Lowering the driving wheels are removed and the depth can easily be adjusted up and down directions, thanks to a rear roller drives eliminates ruffled fied soil. Fits up to 28 disc 40 disc 460 mm-510 mm-diameter and available in a range straight-notched discs.




Working Width



Distance Between


28 Diskli

1905 mm

1000 kg

70 Hp

170 mm

460-510 mm

32 Diskli

2115 mm

1350 kg

85 Hp

170 mm

460-510 mm

36 Dislki

2325 mm

1500 kg

95 Hp

170 mm

460-510 mm

40 Diskli

2540 mm

1650 kg

105 Hp

170 mm

460-510 mm