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Independent Disk Gobley Disc harrows (Roller)

Thanks to the independent disk banana Independent Disk Disc harrows, disk harrow machine design is different from other because of the advantages of making a chopping and mixing process at least influenced by changes in the land surface. Land leveling does not hurt. Front and rear disc hydraulic piston units are shifting to the right and to the left. Works as a rear roller hydraulic or mechanical.



EÇ005 Working Width Weight Hp
Distance Between
20 Diskli 2500 mm 1350 kg 80Hp 230 mm 510-560 mm
24 Diskli 3000 mm 1500 kg 100 Hp 230 mm 510-560 mm
28 Dislki 3500 mm 1700 kg 120 Hp 230 mm 510-560 mm
32 Diskli 4000 mm 1900 kg 140 Hp 230 mm 510-560 mm